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Why choose SmileWallet?

Collect online sales

Expand your bussiness with our internations Payments gateways.

Collect local currencies

Simple integration with differents payments methods.

One single platform

Everything together in one single and easy to use platform.

Prepaid card

Our card will allow you to access your funds globally and 24/7.

Exchange your funds

You can exchange your holing at any moment, so you control your finances.

SmileWallet integrates multiple channels so that any cross border payment can be executed seamlessy and fast.

Need to collect
your online sales?

SmileWallet provides a global payment gateway service where you can collect your websales in a rapid and flexible way.

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Diego Bolettieri
Diego Bolettieri
CEO & CO Founder

“The strategic relationship developed with SmileWallet allowed us to expand our services globally in the areas of online collections as well as everything related to international payment solutions”

Erica Bernasconi
Erica Bernasconi
Investor Relations

“SmileWallet always exceeds our expectations, because of the flexibility and speed with which it helps us to solve our cryptomonet conversion needs”

Jonathan Baldovino
Jonathan Baldovino
CMO at Social Media Institute

“Excellent quality of service and attention of SmileWallet team. People very professional and very willing to adapt to the requirements of Customers”

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